Our Story

Sit Aspernatur Aut Odit

Bobby has been quoted as saying, “This journey began with a personal finance class in college. It just took me a few years to recognize it was the right path!”

Nearly a decade after graduating from the University of South Carolina and on the heels of a successful resort real estate career, Bobby found himself frustrated. He was tired of guiding people to a real estate decision without feeling he was making a lasting impact on their lives. He began looking to create a business that would satisfy his desire to foster deep, long-lasting relationships while also making an impact on his clients’ lives. “One night at dinner, Avery and I made a list on a paper tablecloth of 10 to 15 businesses we thought we could create. Having just completed our own financial plan with The Palmer Group, I was reminded of my college class . . . so I added financial planner to the list.” Not long after, Jeff Palmer and Bobby sat down for lunch, which served as the beginning of a six-year mentoring relationship at The Palmer Group. It was through this relationship that Bobby refined and honed his skills in goal-based planning, and Avery began her role as administrative assistant. As with all mentoring relationships, however, there comes a time to create your own style of doing business.

In 2014, Bobby and Avery began the task of defining how they would do business. “We started with two key beliefs. First was the belief that every family (whether single or married, widowed or divorced, with children at home or empty nesters) needs access to sound financial planning. The second was that by basing our livelihood on how well we care for relationships, not in how much people buy from us, we are given the freedom to focus on what is best for each of the families with whom we are privileged to work.” The importance of this focus on family is also reflected in choosing to use their middle names (Edwin and Yeates) as the new company moniker.

In order to better assist their families in navigating the complexities (emotional and numerical) of their financial decisions, Edwin Yeates Financial Services joined Commonwealth Financial Network® in 2015. “As always, our primary aim is to love and to serve each family entrusted to us, and we feel this step in our journey gives us even more freedom to focus on building those relationships.”