We believe that to succeed financially, you must first determine your definition of success. In order to define success, we take each family through a process of values-based questions to determine where they are going. We also give each family the task of gathering all their current financial documents so we may determine where they are today. Our job is to create a plan to close the gap. In order to maintain the integrity of our objective advice, we charge a fee for this service that is determined by the complexity of your finances along with the size and scope of the planning. In addition to the plan, the fee covers one year of our tracking services. Plans may contain any or all of the following:

  • Cash flow analysis and recommendations
  • Net worth analysis and recommendations
  • Debt reduction plan
  • Risk management analysis and recommendations (including insurances)
  • Education savings and spending plan
  • Retirement savings and spending plan
  • Estate plan analysis and recommendations
  • Income tax analysis and recommendations
  • Business exit strategy plan